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Lipstick Guide

Written by 100% PURE®
Lipstick guide

Running Errands (left to right)
Calendula, Fig, Foxglove, Crystal

1st Date (left to right)
Calypso, Velveteen, Red Velvet, Blood Orange

Girls Night Out (left to right)
Marrakesh, Cactus Bloom, Plum Wine, Tempest

Dinner Party (left to right)
Poppy, Cabernet, Sonora, Sorbetto

Job Interview (left to right)
Perfect Naked Berry, Sandstone, Pink Canyon, Currant

Wedding Day (left to right)
Strawberry, Perfect Naked Mauve, Peony, Primrose

Brunch (left to right)
Coquette, Prickly Pear, Melon Drop, Peach

High School Reunion (left to right)
Rhubarb, Hyacinthus, Narcissus, Aubergine

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