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Never Watered Down



100% Pure is 100% concentrated – all our formulas are never watered down with fillers to ‘cheapen’ our pure products.  Every single ingredient in every formula is beneficial for our skin.

Most skin care and body care products contain only a tiny % of the high quality or active ingredients.  Read the labels of any cosmetic product and notice all the inferior ingredients like water, thickeners, petro chemicals, artificial fragrances, chemical preservatives and many other unhealthy, inactive ingredients that either harm your skin or do nothing at all.

100% Pure is committed to producing the most healthy, the most pure, the most concentrated products for you.  Having no fillers mean the formulas are the most concentrated.  Compare a fruit soda that is mostly composed of water, sugar, artificial coloring and artificial flavors compared to freshly squeezed pomegranates, mangosteens, pineapples, mangoes, etc..  Which is more healthy for you and which contains more vitamins, antioxidants and other healthy nutrients for you?  Just as the freshly squeezed fruits are more healthy and beneficial – 100% pure products are most healthy and beneficial to your skin.

To make the best choice on your next skincare purchase, in addition to comparing prices and sizes – please also compare the ingredient lists and see how active or diluted the formulas are. Ingredient lists reflect the concentration and % of each ingredient; the higher up the ingredient is listed means the higher % of that ingredient in the formula.

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