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Tahitian Vanilla


100% PureĀ uses real, pureĀ Tahitian Vanilla BeansĀ which is probably why everyone who ever tries our vanilla products get addicted! Ā Since 100% Pure usesĀ real Tahitian Vanillainstead of artificial fragrance, it makes everyone think of sweet memories like their mother baking cookies or vanilla cupcakes. Ā OurĀ Tahitian VanillaĀ comes from Oceania, a cluster of islands in the Pacific Ocean where the hot, humid environment allows the beans to grow to be extra supple and flavorful. Ā Vanilla contains antioxidant properties that prevent the damage caused by free radicals, and can even help reduce the risk of some forms of cancer. Vanilla has relaxing aromatherapeutic benefits ā€“ calms, soothes, and enhances everyoneā€™s mood.

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