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Peach Candle

Peach Candle 5Oz

Peach Candle


100% Pure Peach Candle is formulated with clean burning, vegan soy wax and naturally scented with the lush, ripe fragrance of a summer orchard. Light up a soft evening with this all natural, aromatic peachy indulgence. 100% natural candle is free of synthetic chemicals, animal ingredients, artificial fragrances or any other toxins.

- 20 hour burn time
- soy wax blend with essential oil

* please be safe and never leave candles unattended * please handle with care. this candle can get very hot

For Who

For all.

Directions For Use

Enjoy the fragrant smell of Peach after carefully lighting the wick. Tip: After each use, trim the wick to continue an even burn.


Soy wax blend with essential oil.

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