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Hair Repair Products

Are you unhappy with the condition of your hair? Time for a little repair? You may have neglected the health of your precious locks, but don’t worry; it’s not too late for a high quality, natural remedy here at 100% PURE®. If you’re suffering from a severe case of dry and lifeless locks, then our repairing shampoo and conditioner is the perfect choice.

Our restorative shampoo is full of antioxidants and nutrients that penetrate the hair follicles and cuticles to give unbeatable strength and shine to your locks. Unlike many other products on the market, our formula is safe and gentle enough even for color treated hair, and doesn’t contain harmful chemicals, stripping sulfates or detergents. A host of PURE and gentle, naturally occurring ingredients such as Aloe, Rose Hydrosol and Honey combine for a truly effective product. Our hair repair products give your hair the royal treatment! Using honey’s natural properties as a humectant (something that attracts moisture), our products ensure that no moisture will escape for healthier, shimmering hair that lights up the room.

Our restorative conditioner gives you everything you need to repair and intensely nourish dry, damaged hair. The rich, moisturizing and deeply restorative treatment is packed full of essential oils, vitamins and antioxidants that work together seamlessly for healthy, smooth, hydrated hair. Many similar products on the market contain parabens, sulfates and a host of other toxins that are not beneficial to your health. Our conditioner, for instance, contains ingredients that we’re sure you trust, such as Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil and Acai Berry, to name a few.

Like the sound of our revolutionary restorative products? Getting some quickly and affordably is possible now with our absolutely free shipping on all orders. So have a browse! After all, isn’t it time you gave your hair the attention it deserves?

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Honey & Virgin Coconut Conditioner 1 oz
£5.00 Regular price

Honey & Virgin Coconut Conditioner 13 oz
£20.00 Regular price

Honey & Virgin Coconut Conditioner 8 oz
£15.00 Regular price

Honey & Virgin Coconut Shampoo 1 oz
£5.00 Regular price

Honey & Virgin Coconut Shampoo 13 oz
£20.00 Regular price

Honey & Virgin Coconut Shampoo 8 oz
£15.00 Regular price